Color of the roof

Last week we talked about the possible color of the siding on your new home.  The second biggest color choice you have is the color of the roof.

Are you going to have asphalt shingles?  A typical roof from Vermont Modular Homes is a 30 year True Architectural Asphalt shingled roof.  Other than this Asphalt shingle roof there are a few homes that eventually end up with a Metal Roof, all of those are installed on-site as they are not done in the factory.

Basically, a modular home from Vermont Modular has as standard roof shingle colors at least fifteen different colors ranging from 7 wood tones, 4 shades of grey, Green, and several shades of slate.  One of which you will fall in love with and have on your new home.  You are going to love your new home!

Take a guess, what color do you think is the MOST popular color?  Which color would be a safe bet if you simply could not make up your mind?  We are talking about that special color that never looks out of place.  The most popular color is Charcoal.

Part of every house set is for our Set Crew to complete the shingling of the roof 100% so that the building is weather tight.

A Metal Roof is available in many colors and several styles.  But like we said all of the metal roofs are installed on-site and are not a part of the job from Vermont Modular.

Give us a call to discuss the colors in your new home.  (802) 985-5855

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