Crayon anyone?

So, tell the truth!  Did you know today, 3/31/2020, is National Crayon Day?  Did you really?  How’d you know that?

This is a bit of a stretch for a blog post about building homes in New England but with all the stress in the air caused by Corona Virus we thought it might be fun.

Since this is National Crayon Day you can drag out your favorite box of Crayons with all those spectacular colors and do a sketch of the floor plan for you new house.  And, if you’re feeling really energetic don’t stop there.  Remember, it would be great for us to see an outside elevation drawing.  This would be the part where you incorporate all those fabulous colors.

And just like your Crayon Drawing being an Original drawing your new home from Vermont Modular will be 100% Custom Built.  And, on National Crayon Day that has got to make you feel good.

Both your drawing and design will be an Original.

Currently we are actively working (via phone and email) with several clients developing designs and floor plans for their new home.  Wouldn’t you like to use this available time to work on your plan?

Give us a call at (802) 985-5855  Our Virtual Design Center is open to help you.  Unfortunately, our physical office is Closed.

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