Delivered this morning

For the past several weeks we have been discussing the various options that are available in your new home; things like siding, roofing, windows, doors and so on.  That series is not over yet but, today we thought we would include you with the new home delivery that occurred this morning up north in Lamoille County Vermont.

This brand-new modular home was built indoors away from the harsh elements mother nature can throw at construction projects.  This is a high quality “Stick-Build Home” that was totally built in our factory-controlled environment.  The house never saw snow, rain, sleet, high winds, or a myriad of other harsh and nasty elements that are a part of every Site-Built home.

This quality built home also costs less because work is so much more productive.  There are never any delays waiting for a delivery from the Lumber Yard, or a hold up because the electrician was delayed elsewhere, nope, work starts and continues unabated until the modular home is finished.

This is the future of home construction and represents the most modern building techniques! 

Wouldn’t you rather have a modular home?

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