Do you have the app on your phone?

As we all can see the weather really is starting to turnaround.  Do you think it is smart for us to be thinking of Spring?  Let’s face it, with all the grim Ovid 19 news it is a good idea to be thinking of projects we can do while the majority of us are at home.

So, since Heat Pumps have become so overwhelmingly popular, we thought it might be a good idea to suggest maintenance on your Mini-Split Heat Pump.  So, here is a to do list for you:

  1. Service contract – take some time to check out the availability of an annual Service Contract, it is similar to what so many of you know as the service work for your furnace of years ago.
  2. Condenser cleaning – the outside half of the Heat Pump should be thoroughly examined and cleaned.  Look inside and you will see many-many “fins” that radiate the heat, all sorts of leaves and debris from all winter can and probably have made a mess; all that needs to be carefully cleaned out, try a stream of water but don’t damage the unit.
  3. Check the filters, yes, there are filters, mostly in the Evaporator or Inside Half of your heat pump.  Check your Owners’ Manual it will clearly show you what and how to clean the filters.
  4. Think about a Smart Thermostat.  Your new Heat Pump probably has an App that you can install on your phone allowing you to control your Heat and/or AC from anywhere.  Or, you can easily install a Smart Thermostat that will atomically take care of everything.

When we build your new home we can easily help you design a heating and air conditioning system.  We have been recommending Heat Pumps for several years now.

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