Do you have the moving boxes ready?

Is it time to pack up and move?  What does the latest research tell us what people are doing?  All of us have been living the crazy life surrounding COVID-19 and how it has influenced us. 

Here are some surprising results of COVID-19

  • a large number of Americans plan to move and largely influenced by COVID-19.  TWO groups of us are looking to move:
    • FIRSTMillennials, ages 23 through 38 with a household income of $50,00 or more have an increased desire to own their own home.  And……, the major cause is COVID-19.  This is a big surprise to Real Estate people and builders.
    • SECOND Boomers, ages 55 to 76 are anxious and want to move to a new home.
    • THIRD Gen Xers, the 45 to 55 year-old Americans have widely chosen to stay put and not move.  Usually this age group is one of the most mobile but not lately.

It is the younger group of Americans, the Millennials and older people, the Boomers that are looking at Real Estate and building new homes.

Here at Vermont Modular it is interesting but that is fairly reflective of our clients in this COVID-19 era.

Do you fit within one of these groups?  Or are you a Boomer looking to move?  Either way, we’d love to talk with you.

Call us to start the conversation.  (802) 985-5855

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