Do you have a tin can?

The sun is shining the wild winds from last night seem to have calmed down and here it is a beautiful Saturday in March 2020.  Ok, all of us here at Vermont Modular fully understand we are living in challenging times but we thought we would remind you that we are open and ready to help you in the entire Design Phase of creating your new home!

So, give us a call and let’s start the process of building your new home.  Yes, our unique times will eventually come to an end and wouldn’t it be nice to have the design and layout for your new home all done?

We are advancing some of our technological features so that all this can be worked on from the comfort of your living room.

Speaking of technology, do you like today’s picture?  This is now our upgraded telephone system.  You will need to have your own tin can.  Well…., maybe we could make other arrangements.

We can collaboratively put your drawings for the floor plan.  When used properly the technology can be a fantastic help.  And, with both of us told not to leave home this could be a great help.

Oh…., did I mention, the design phase of your new home will cost you nothing, yup, it is FREE of charge.  What have you got to lose!

Call us at (802) 985-5855 to start the conversation about your new home.

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