Do you like the Red Siding?

Let us introduce you to The Windham Ranch house named after Southern Vermont’s Windham County.

If you are looking for a medium size Ranch House with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a handsome size living room that is right off the gourmet kitchen and dining area……………, if this is what you want then look no further.  The Windham Ranch will fit your demands completely.

On our web page in the Portfolio Section we have photographs of this awesome ranch house. Wouldn’t you like to see pictures of the house, kitchen, and the yard?  Suddenly, this home leaps off the page and becomes a real home.  It was beautiful when it was built more than ten years ago and today it is still an outstanding example of a Ranch House that was designed and laid out extremely well.

If you are interested a Ranch Homes and want a great idea or two the Windham Ranch is a home, you will truly like.

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