Does not rain in there!

You remember the series of blog posts we just did on foundation?  Well, while everyone was busy building the foundation out on your property the guys/gals back at the factory were busy building your new home.

I always liked today’s picture of the plant; it transmits the feel of New Homes being built by craftsmen.  For all we know it could easily be snowing, pouring rain, freezing rain, sweltering heat, or bitter cold outside; the picture does not convey an image of the weather.

Oh wait………….., our modular homes are all built inside in a controlled environment – it does not rain inside nor does it snow nor any of those other nasties that can and repeatedly do happen outside.

Inside the plant there are highly skilled craftsmen building your home.  One of the plants has a work force of slightly less than fifty people whereas the second plant has a workforce of several hundred men and women.  In both situations strict attention is paid to quality where superior homes are the norm.

Efficiency and productivity are the driving forces behind why Modular Homes are an outstanding value both in quality and price.

Wouldn’t you rather have a modular?

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