Does you house have a Sill Plate?

This will be the last blog post about Foundations, then we move on to building our new Modular Home.

In today’s photograph you are looking downward at the top of the foundation wall that has a piece of Pressure Treated Lumber attached to the top of the wall.  That piece of lumber’s name is Sill Plate. On the left side is the basement floor and on the right is the dirt that is backfilled against the outside of the wall.

This foundation is finished, and the very next step is to gently place the modules on top of the Sill Plate.

This is what you are looking at in the photograph:

  • Concrete wall, it is 8” thick and 8’ fall
  • Concrete basement floor, it is almost always 5” thick
  • 2”x6” Pressure Treated Sill Plate
  • (hard to see) Blue Foam, this thin strip of blue foam is in between the concrete and the sill plate
  • Metal Straps that affix the sill plate to the foundation.  These Sill Straps are used in lieu of anchor bolts but accomplish the exact same task.
  • The House will sit on top of the sill plate and those two wooden surfaces will be nailed together.

That is the anatomy of a foundation.

Are you ready to think about building your foundation?

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