Energy Efficiency

For a week or so we have been talking about Ranch Houses.  In today’s picture you are looking at a Ranch House being assembled in Northern Vermont, a couple hundred yards from the border with Canada.  Yes, we deliver way up north!

This home was delivered way up north near Jay Peak.  That part of the state talks about its own amount to severe winter, it gets wicked COLD.  And that brings about the necessity to build a Super Insulated Home

Vermont Modular specializes in building homes that are 100% Custom Built and Highly Energy Efficient.  By combining various building products, we are able to build a highly insulated home.  Truthfully, we are proud to build one of Vermont’s MOST energy efficient homes with more insulation and Triple Pane Glass Windows.

If you are looking for your Ranch Home to be Energy Efficient, then you should call us to start the conversation about your new Energy Efficient home.

There it is:

  • 100% Custom Build Ranch Homes.
  • Super Insulated Energy Efficient homes.

Call us to start the conversation about your new home. (802) 985-5855

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