Every day in January isn't always cold

Last week we had a brand-new home delivered to New York State where it was set on its permanent foundation.

This custom design Ranch home sits on a pristine five-acre lot with awesome views to the west, it is a beautiful location well inside The Adirondack Park.  As you can easily see there was snow on the ground, remember we set this home in Up-State New York in January, but someone was watching out for us, it was about 40 degrees and no wind.  Honestly, it was a great day to be working outside.  The snow decided to not melt and have us all in a sea of mud, it was really great and our homeowner is thrilled.

Of course, we will follow this home along until it is completely done.  Included within this home are all of the Vermont Modular Homes Energy Efficiency options including Triple Pane windows, R-30½ exterior walls, and R-60 insulation in the attic.  This home is going to be Cheap to Heat.  Oh, did we mention it is also going to have central Air Conditioning.

Stay with us this week, we will be posting more pictures and additional information about this particular home and its January Set.

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Just this morning we started the process of our next home that will be over in New Hampshire. 

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