Is this exciting or what?

Yesterday we saw how the crane ready to hoist module number two up on the permanent foundation. 

Today’s photograph shows the crane working with the Set Crew to have the roof finished. 

All of the pictures from the delivery on the snow-covered roof to today’s picture cover a time span of about six hours total working time.  With a crew of 5 men the total house set took about eight hours work. 

So, do you think Modular Homes move along quickly?  Typically, the entire built phase of the project is about three months and moves along like this:

  • Design phase – This can be quick or take forever all depending on how quickly you can make decisions.
  • Site work phase – The excavator starts by building the driveway, cellar hole, often the septic system, and other ancillary parts of the project. 
    • Followed by the foundation being poured.
    • Back-filling around the foundation in preparation for the house’s arrival
  • Construction phase – back at the plant skilled craftsmen and their lady counterparts display their talents as they build your new home
  • Delivery phase – we saw this the other day
  • House set phase – typically one day or two
  • Finish work – this can go quickly or slowly depending on the speed of the local tradesmen.

Start to finish is typically three months.  Are you ready to start work on your new home?

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