Feel like not wasting money?

What to do or what to NOT do when it comes to winterizing your home.  Where do you begin?

We here at Vermont Modular Homes are going to suggest an area to AVOID.  Every year there are advertisements, articles, and all kinds of promotion about “Replacement Windows.”  New windows are always touted as a wonderful place to improve the Energy Efficiency of your home.

How about some TRUTH.  Today’s comments are limited to those homes that have “old-fashioned” windows but those that are working although not very efficiently.  This would be “Single Pane” windows or poorly performing double pane windows.  We would guess these are the windows that were installed in the 1940’s on through the 2000’s.

These are the windows that Window Manufactures want you to replace with their expensive replacement units.  Did you know that single pane glazed windows have an R-Value of about R-.9  That is not great!  A semi-old double pane window has an R-Value of about R-1.7  Yes, that is better but still not great!

Today’s Energy code requires a window of at least R-5  Again that is better but compared to our Standard R-Value for the exterior wall of R-30½ the newer better window is without a Doubt The Weak Link of Energy Efficiency.

Replacing a poorly performing window with a new and better window is a BAD Financial Investment.  So, our advice is simple – DON’T.  The improvement in window performance will take many years to recoup your investment.

There are many better ways to invest in improving your Energy Efficiency!

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