Ferry Ride anyone?

The other day we hoped on the Charlotte / Essex Ferry to visit a job site in The Adirondack Region of New York State.  A couple from down-state has ordered a beautiful vacation home that will have a view of Lake Champlain. 

It is always exciting for us to deliver a home in New York as it almost always requires a Ferry ride and on a beautiful fall day it is quite spectacular.  I love to look back at the view of The Green Mountains of Vermont and ahead are The Adirondacks.  Talk about beautiful!

This vacation home probably won’t be delivered until late December, but the concrete will have been poured for the foundation long before then.  Pouring concrete in the fall and early winter is not difficult at all.

Last January, the first week of January, we delivered a home in New York.  It was a fairly cold day with bright sunshine, all in all it was a beautiful winter day and slightly less than one month later the family was all moved into their cozy and wonderfully warm new home.

Stay with us because next week we have a large home being delivered up in Lamoille County right here in Vermont.

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