Getting towards "Show Time"

Today we are going to take a visit to an upcoming house set.  Today’s photograph was taken this morning as the owner, the excavator, the General Contractor, my yours truly all scoped out the job site.

This home is comprised by five modules all to be assembled on an intricate foundation.  Because of the house’s size it is necessary to hire an extra-large and heavy-duty crane.  The specific spot where the crane will sit needs special attention because of its extra size and weight.

From the last time you looked at this job the concrete forms have been removed and the waterproofing of the concrete walls has been done, it is the black stuff on the walls.  All of that waterproofing will be buried below grade and probably never be seen again as it does its job.

Next week five modules will traverse northern Vermont highways as they get to the house site and the following week the crane will hoist the modules up onto the permanent foundation.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted.

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