Have you seen the forecast?

Oh wow, it is Friday and that is the start of the weekend!

Here’s the picture……….., you are in the car, there’s snow on the ground, the traffic isn’t bad at all, and driving conditions are almost excellent!  So…………….., where are you going?

I am going to bet that just up and over that next rise you might be able to see Vermont.  YUP, you are on the way this Friday afternoon and it is off to Vermont.  Let’s take a long look at what’s going on:

  • Very important – it’s Friday
  • Work and worry are clearly in the rear-view mirror
  • Every mile you are further and further from work and worry
  • Every mile you are closer to Vermont
  • Are you going SKIING ?  As you can see there’s snow
  • Oh, sorry, you are going BOARDING.  My bad!
  • Your favorite partner, friend, significant other, wife, husband…., whatever is with you
  • Yes, it is cold, but the weather report is calling for SNOW Saturday afternoon through the night into Sunday
  • The forecast calls for 7” of new snow.
  • Oh, just think how much fun you are going to have>

EGAD, does it get any better?  Well no, this is fantastic.

Do you have your own ski-house that is just for you and your family and a very small circle of close friends?  I’m talking about that all but secret place that is your hide-out up in Vermont.

If you dream and think this is a good time to really dream and put your plans into reality, then GIVE US A CALL AT    (802) 985-5855

Are you thinking of near Windham County’s Mt. Snow or are you going up north to Stowe Mountain Resort in Stowe?  Regardless you need to call us.  (802) 985-5855

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