Hello out there !

Here it is another Friday the 27th of March.  The vast majority of us have been home all week doing our part to slow the spread of the Corona Virus. 

While we all have the time, it is an opportunity for us to spend time formulating the design for the new house.  This week we’ve had several phone calls from families here in Vermont and across New England all asking about the process to build a new home.  I was surprised that no one from New York called.  Hello over there!

One of the most challenging parts of building a new home is bringing together a design and layout that fits within your personal tastes for a design and let’s not forget the budget.

We have time right now and here at Vermont Modular we are ready and very willing to help you create the design of your new home.  By the way, all of our design services are provided free of charge.

And we can easily practice Social Distancing and adhere to the Stay At Home guidelines.  The phone and email can easily work while putting together a new home design that is just right for you.  We are Just The Place for you.  This must be the place!

Give us a call – (802) 985-5855


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