How about a fireplace?

As you know we did a road trip over to The Adirondacks of NYS to look at a finished home from Vermont Modular.

Lately the weather hasn’t been exactly “sit by the fire” weather but I thought you might like to see one beautiful fireplace.  Today’s photograph shows the same fireplace but on two different occasions.  The smaller picture was taken the day the house was delivered, it is brand new!

The second picture was taken after the home was finished; you can easily see the TV mounted above the mantle.

Yes, we installed the stone-work in the factory and yes this is a real Wood-Burning fireplace, this past winter it got a lot of use, it was thoroughly enjoyed!  Lately, with temps well into the 90’s it has been sitting idle waiting for winter to arrive.

Look carefully and you will see the formal Floor Covering of Luxury Vinyl Planks have been installed.  This type of vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular floor coverings.  Check it out.

Would you enjoy a fireplace next winter?

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