How about a hike !

The other day we showed you how a house can be torn down making room for a new home.  In today’s photograph you can see another scenario of building a new home.

Today you can see deep into The Woods where a driveway, yard, septic, well, and of course a brand-new home will be going.  Obviously, a bunch of trees will need to be removed to build the driveway and clear the house-site.

It seems odd that today’s picture shows considerable snow on the ground where the new home will be going.  And, tonight we are expecting roughly 18” of new snow.  Welcome to The North Country and our Winter Wonderland.

Many people do not like to layout their house during the winter, they claim it is more difficult.  Well, I would disagree!  In the winter the leaves are gone from the trees and it is much easier to see what it is apt to look like after you clear the property.  Of course, the trees are beautiful and honestly, I think you should remove a few as possible.  But when it is summer-time all the tree leaves are out full-tilt and block your line of sight.  In the summer it is very difficult to get an idea of what it might look like

There is another advantage to working on your property in the winter, the bugs aren’t there and that can be a big deal. 

So, this weekend go get out and wander around your property, see what’s there.  And, if you haven’t bought property yet, it is a great time of the year to look.

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