How much snow did you get?

As everyone knows this past weekend, we had ourselves one doozie of a snowstorm here in the north country.  Although snow totals varied it is safe to say that here in South Burlington where our office is located, we had roughly 16” of snow.  Yes, we have had more but none the less it was quite a bit.

Yesterday we were scheduled to visit the plant over in New York State and the driving was not good but, we persevered, and all worked out great.

Once we left Vermont the weather turned sour and the driving got significantly worse!  The point of our road trip was to help clients see exactly how their new home is going to be built.  Also, it is a great opportunity to select various options. 

Do you realize that your new home will be 100% Custom Built?  Yup, your new home will be exactly the way you want right down to the tiniest detail.  You will love your new home!

You will love your new home because it will be exactly the way you ordered it.  Every single home is completely unique and unlike any other.  In 29 years of business we have never built the same house twice!

Like we said…………, you will love your new home!

And right now is a great time to start the conversation.  Call us (802) 985-5855

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