I love the detail

As you know, last week I went to see a completed home in New York State.  So, this afternoon I thought I’d show you the detail of the trim work that is at the top of every window and door throughout.

This is a classic design from Late Victorian homes but in the new Ranch House it is a modernized version of the classic.

Personally, I love the clean lines involved with the woodwork of this home, it adds a lot to the character of the house.  And, it has been greatly appreciated.

The design was taken from another home and the plant replicated this woodwork from a photograph taken by our current homeowner.  Talk about being able to customize everything so that each home is unique.  Here at Vermont Modular we were quite impressed.  Good work guys!

Every home from Vermont Modular is 100% Custom Built right down to the tiniest detail; in this case right down to the exact woodwork.

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