I love the look of shutters!

Yesterday we looked at modern highly efficient windows.  There is a lot of science that goes into the manufacturing of quality windows.

Today let’s look at window Shutters.  For the vast majority of us shutters are probably an attractive addition to the front of a home and their function in life is to simply add to the beauty of your home.  Did you know that most shutters are manufactured of Vinyl for their durability and come in at least fifteen different colors not to mention numerous styles?  So, your new shutters will be exactly the way you want.  That fits with our 100% Custom Built Home concept.

What if your new home were down south in a tropical storm area of the country?  Shutters take on a completely different job in Hurricane prone areas; they serve an important function to protect the windows.

During a hurricane some homes will come apart because of the storm and are a source of dangerous debris that are now flying projectiles.  Many of those pieces of lumber are thrown at high speeds through the air and will easily destroy a neighboring house’s windows.  Enter the protective Shutter many of which mechanically close covering the glass and save it from destruction.

Down south shutters are a vital barrier to protect a home during violent storms.  There’s one more reason to be glad we live in Vermont.

Share your opinion.  Do you like the look of shutters on a new home here in New England?

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