I wonder what style home

In just the past two weeks we have had two brand-new homes delivered and set on their permanent foundations.  So, for the next couple days we thought it might be fun to let you in on a pictorial history of these new homes.

In today’s photograph you can see the very last stages of delivery.  All the trucks, modules, and safety flag cars are stopped at the end of the new home’s driveway. The truck drivers will scope out the job site one last time to make sure everything goes smoothly.  (pssst !!!, yup! All went well)

It turns out that “delivery day” was clear and dry, a good day for a Road Trip from the factory – a good road trip day to deliver modules that will be shortly assembled and quickly become a warm, energy efficient home for a family up north in Lamoille County Vermont.

Here are some interesting facts about this home you might not know:

  1. Each of the modules weighed in at about 24,000 pounds
  2. This home is 100% Custom Built to the owners’ individual wants and needs.  Did you know it does not cost more to have a Custom Built home?
  3. The amount of insulation in this home is superior to virtually all the new homes in Vermont.  We use special building products to create a home that will serve you well for many years.

Stay with us for a couple days, we will show you more about this home.

Want to call us about your new home?  Here’s our number  (802) 985-5855

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