It is all good to go!

Remember this house?  We set this Custom Ranch house over in New York State on January 3, that is almost three weeks ago, to be exact it will be three weeks tomorrow.

We just spoke with the homeowner about five minutes ago and guess who is moving in to their brand new home this afternoon?  That is less than three weeks and the house is done enough to have a Certificate of Occupancy issued and the owner who is absolutely thrilled will be living in the new home this evening.

How’s that for quick work and don’t forget this was all done in the dead of winter when everything just takes longer primarily because of the weather, cold, wind, and did I mention cold?

This morning the ambient temperature outside was three degrees and one of the great features of this home is its Energy Efficiency.  Check out these energy efficiency statistics:

  • Exterior walls – R-30½ with continuous foam insulation on the outside
  • Triple Pane windows with a U-Value of 0.21
  • Attic blown in Fiberglass Insulation of R-60

What do you think, is this house going to be warm and comfortable?

Congratulations on your new home!

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