It is going to get cold.

Starting with tomorrow’s Blog Post we will be talking almost exclusively about the correct, smart, and cost-effective ways to prepare your home for the upcoming winter.

Throughout our several month series about winterizing your home we will NOT focus on the very best practices to improve the quality of the  weatherizing of your home!  We will limit our conversation to what is the greatest VALUE.  So, if there is an awesome way to improve the Energy Efficiency of your home and would do THE VERY BEST the chances are we will not recommend that process we will search all over for a solution that will COST YOU LESS and also improve your home.

In other words,…… we will talk about where you Get The Biggest Bang for Your Buck.  It all needs to make financial sense, or you won’t make the improvements.

We have earned a reputation as a provider of decent advice, what helps you conserve Energy while saving money and protecting the Environment.  We sure hope you enjoy this series.

Please feel free to submit questions and/or comments and where appropriate will share your thoughts with everyone.

Send us your comments at and participate with the conversation.

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