It is a new home

There’s big doings today here at Vermont Modular Homes.  Just this afternoon we have a new modular home delivered over in New York State.  And, tomorrow the weather has cooperated just enough for us to set this home on its permanent foundation.

For sure the homeowner is thrilled and swears she won’t sleep tonight.  I wonder why??!!

This particular home has been a challenge.  Building a home inside The Adirondack Park is a significant challenge.  But, all the permits and approvals are in place and it is going to be a beautiful project.

I was look back through old records and two years ago today it was MINUS 13 Degrees where as today it is almost 40.  That’s only 53 degrees warmer and I’m sure the crew will enjoy that tomorrow as they set this home.  YES, we will be posting pictures throughout the day so stay with us tomorrow.

Oh by the way, we are rapidly moving forward with another project up in the mountains of northern Vermont and yet another in The White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It is a busy winter season for us.

Don’t you think it’s a good time to talk about your new home?  Call us at (802) 985-5855

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