It is now time for The Big Show

Let’s do a brief review, so far this has happened:

  • Poured foundation Footings
  • Poured the foundation walls
  • Water-proofed the foundation
  • Attached he Sill Plate
  • Backfilled around the foundation
  • Delivered the modular home

Now is the day for our Big Show when we gently set the modules up on the foundation and transform everything into a beautiful home.

We are going to need the help of a Heavy Crane that will hoist the Modules up into place.  In today’s picture you are looking at a Four Module Two-Story Colonial home.  Look carefully and you will see that three of the four modules are already in place and the crane along with the Set Crew are placing the final module in place. 

Think about what you are looking at – each module must be set accurately.  If a module is one-quarter of an inch out of place it will be an obvious mistake, we simply cannot have that! 

To give you an idea of how challenging and exacting this process is……, each one of the modules is apt to weigh at least 28,000 pounds and must be set in place correctly, a mistake of ¼” is unacceptable. 

Think how carefully and exactly everything must be built and then accurately assembled.  It really is demanding.

Wouldn’t you rather have Vermont’s Premier Modular builder deliver your new home?  Call Vermont Modular Homes today and start the conversation.

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