It is perfect building weather

Up to now we have had the foundation finished, the house has been built in the plant, the trucking company has delivered the modules, and the other day we set the home on its permanent foundation with the heavy crane. 

Now that the house is sitting on its foundation it is time for the finish work to get underway.  In today’s photograph you are looking at:

  • Blue Machine – that is the arm of a hydraulic lift.  This piece of equipment makes it so much easier for the men to go up and down with materials while not climbing laders.
  • Up in the lift is one of our lead men and you will see he has lumber up there with him.  They are building a front porch that the home-owner wants.
  • The Lift will be a huge help when the remainder of the siding is to be installed.
  • Towards the rear of the photograph you can see the site-built garage.  With this home the owner collects antique cars so it has three bays.  We can build any size garage you’d like.

Tomorrow we will continue with the finish work that is typical of a modular home.


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