It's a hot one out there today

Today’s blog post will probably end our series of Living Rooms.  Where would you like to go next?

Today’s living room is up north in Orleans County Vermont.  If this home were just a tiny bit further north it would be in Quebec.

This cozy Ranch Style home is an outstanding example of quality, efficient use of space, and true New England frugality. 

Are you looking for a home that is highly Energy Efficient and 100% Customizable?  If those are your goals, then this comfy ranch home is exactly your cup-of-tea.  There is the old saying, “….you could heat this home with a candle.”  Well, it just might be a perfect fit.  Over on the left side of the picture is a propane gas fired space heater that kept these folks super warm all last winter and for peanuts.

Within this home are Triple Pane windows, an exterior wall that boasts R-30½, and up in the attic there is insulation equaling R-60.  That is one impressive array of insulation to conserve on Heat Loss. 

Do you realize that our super insulation keeps you warm in the winter but I also shields you from the heat of summer?  This afternoon the weather report is for temperatures in the mid 90’s and high humidity.  All that insulation will greatly cut down on Energy Costs for Air Conditioning.

Are you ready to enjoy a highly Energy Efficient Home?

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