It's the same job

Let’s continue with your series of Blog Posts dealing with the construction phase of building your new home.

Yesterday we built and poured the Footing for the Foundation and today’s picture shows the same job with the wooden wall forms set in place on top of the footings.

Inside the forms, an 8” space, concrete will be poured forming the foundation’s walls.  In today’s picture you can easily see the Yellow Concrete truck’s body with a long yellow thing sticking out the back of the truck.

Today’s picture shows the concrete being pumped from the delivery truck through that long yellow thing off to a section of forms.  Since concrete is similar to the consistency of pudding it can easily be pumped through a tube to the other side of the job.

In today’s picture you are looking at two trucks backed up to each other.  One is the delivery truck that is dumping the concrete into the back of the Pumper Truck who then pumps it to the desired location.  Somewhere out of the camera’s view is another delivery truck waiting to unload its cement.

Yesterday, we had some Blog Readers that looked carefully and pointed out that none of the workers were wearing Face Masks.  This picture was taken years ago long before Face Masks were required.  It is good to know you guys are watching carefully.  Another reader figured out from yesterday’s picture it was a Walk-Out-Basement.  Sheesh, you guys are good.  Thanks for the input.

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