It's spring construction time

The other day we threw out there an offer for a Free Deck as spring promotion.  Don’t forget the offer is still there!

Take a look at today’s photograph, it is that time of year again when construction season is underway.  In today’s photograph you are looking at forms within which concrete will be poured.  The forms will hold the concrete for the home’s footings

The footing are the very bottom of the house, everything rests on top of the footings.  Almost always the footings are all poured at the same time, so they are one continuous piece of cement, this is done for strength.  The footings disperse the weight sitting on top of them.

The footings of every home a critically important as they should never move with the frost and spring thaw.  So, the footings are all poured at least four feet below the surface of the ground, or 4’ below grade.  That way frost never gets underneath the footings, keeping them solid and secure.

Once the footings are poured then comes the concrete walls that the house will sit up on top of.  This is all the construction stuff that goes on a lot during the spring.

Are you thinking of building your home this summer?

Did you know that both of the Modular Home factories we work with are both open and building homes?

YES, you can have your new home in 2020 despite the crazy times.  Give us a call (802) 985-5855

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