It's time for a garage

As we continue the conversation about our newest home over in Up-State New York today’s project is the garage.

Ok, ok,,,,,,, perhaps today’s picture is a tiny bit over-done to describe a two-car garage attached to a medium size ranch house.  But, you have got to admit it is a fascinating photo.  Frequently when The Amish have a Barn Raising, the entire community pitches in and that is exactly what is going on in today’s photograph.

But I digress…………., today a much smaller crew of carpenters is building an attached two-car garage.  Unlike today’s picture we have three men and one 18-month-old boy building the garage.

All the time we are asked, “….do you deliver modular garages?”   The answer is, “….of course we do!”  The obvious question is why are we “stick-building” the garage on this house?  In today’s scenario all of the carpenters are Family-Members, so the labor costs are reduced to zero.  Although, as all of our readers that are also the 18-month old young man tends to cost a small fortune.  No one ever said raising kids was cheap!

When the modular ranch home was delivered, we added to the order enough siding, roofing, trim, and windows so that everything would match exactly.

We are going to be keeping you posted about this home’s progress as it is moving along so nicely!

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