Locating problem areas

As you seriously think about Energy Efficiency improvements for your home it is important to run a couple tests to find out what and where your home needs help.

If you see yourself taking pictures over this weekend may we suggest you consider a Thermal Imaging camera!

What types of things does a Thermal Imaging camera see?

  • It will easily see an air leak in your homes Building Envelope
  • Missing insulation will be easily picked up with the camera
  • Quickly finds invisible heat loss sites
  • The camera can quickly see an electrical short and potentially prevent a fire

There are Thermal Imaging Cameras that are incorporated into your IOS phone and some aps are FREE.

A Thermal Imaging Camera sees the difference in temperatures.  When you know where the heat is located you can quickly take necessary steps to stop the heat loss.

Without the Thermal Camera you are searching for problems but will miss the majority of problems because you cannot see them.

This weekend is a great time to be taking pictures.

Call us here at Vermont Modular (802) 985-5855 if you have questions.

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