Look out - here we come!

For all of our loyal blog readers you know that we have now finished the foundation and are ready for the house to be set on its Permanent Foundation.  That of course requires a Delivery.

In today’s picture you see two of the transport trucks hauling modules from the factory to the job site here in Vermont.  Don’t forget that we also deliver to The North Country of New York State and also over into New Hampshire.  The other day we also had an inquiry to see if we would deliver to one of the larger islands off The Sea Coast of Maine.  Now that would be outstanding cool!

I am sure that all of you at one time have seen a Modular Home in transit.  Look carefully at today’s photograph and you will see that huge portions of the house are wrapped in white plastic to protect it from the weather until we are able to assemble the modules.  The home in today’s picture was a uniquely intricate home that incorporated advanced engineering to accomplish exactly what the homeowner wanted in his new home. 

The engineering that goes into a modular home is extensive.  That is exactly what it often takes to achieve the desired outcome.

During the delivery we always use “Flag Cars” and forewarn the truck drivers of oncoming traffic and/or highway conditions that require special attention.  Almost every home makes up a HUGE truck that can easily be 85 feet long and up to almost 16’ wide.  Look at today’s picture and you will see that the truck and modules take up virtually every inch of the road.

This is very exciting.  Are you ready? 

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