The most admired home!

Last week we introduced or re-introduced to you The Cape Cod style home.  And this week say hello to America’s favorite home, The Ranch House.

Every style of home as its unique characteristics that make it part of an architectural group.  Ranch Houses and one over-riding characteristic – all, 100%, of the living space is on one floor.  A Ranch House does NOT have a second floor.  All of the bedrooms and bathrooms along with the kitchen and dining rooms are all on the same floor as is The Living Room. 

A ranch house’s finished living space will not have stairs.  Of course, there are stairs going to the basement, but most basements are not finished living space.  If you are looking for a home where all the living space is on one floor, then you are looking for a Ranch House.

Do not think that since all ranch houses are all on one level that they all look alike!  Ranch homes can easily be designed to encompass a wide variety of looks from plain to extraordinary. 

Immediately after WW II hundreds of thousands of soldiers came home from the War and America was overwhelmed with an immediate housing shortage.  It was this enormous demand for housing that made The Ranch House into America’s most popular style of home.  Ranch houses had been around for a long time prior to The War but not in overwhelming numbers.

We will be looking at Ranch Houses for the remainder of the week.  Call us and start to conversation about your new home.  (808) 985-5855

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