Oh WOW, a Two-Story home

The last series of Blog Posts that we did were about Ranch Houses; we spent a week or so wandering abound Ranches to understand why they are America’s Home.

Today let’s begin another series all about Two-Story Colonial Homes.  Let’s get to the Two-Story’s most wonderful part right away.  The most important aspects of a Two-Story:

  • They are the LEAST EXPENSIVE home to build as you calculate the cost on a “Per Square Foot” basis.  You read that right!  Each square off of living space is less expensive than in any other style of home!
  • A Two-Story Colonial home will cost you less to heat throughout the winter.

So, what do you think of Colonial Homes already?!  Oh WOW, a Colonial home has a lot to offer especially for a larger family.

We will be spending time with Colonial Homes all this week and maybe even more.  If you are looking for a VALUE then you have already found what you are looking for.

The benefits of a Two-Story home go on and on and on with outstanding parts that make it such a fabulous home!  Ever since early colonial times in America the Colonial has been amazingly popular and we will be spending time with them this week.

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