Our pledge to you

Today begins our blogs in our “Winterizing Your Home series.”  Welcome!

We pledge to you that our blogs are not trying to sell you anything except information.  Vermont Modular does not have a store that sells items you might use to winterize your home so, we have no vested interest in what you purchase except that we hope our combined efforts help you stay warm this winter and help you protect our environment.

We also pledge to point out those things that represent The Best Value – our ideas hopefully will help you go in the direction of The Best Value, the place where you get “The Biggest Bang For Your Buck!”

We sincerely HOPE that you will send us comments, questions, and share your thoughts.  The topic is Energy Efficiency and if this series is going to be successful and helpful, we are going to need your help.  Please leave comments on Facebook or send your thoughts to us via email  (build@vtmodular.com) or give us a call with your thoughts at (802) 985-5855.

Let us know what specific things you’d like to see talked about.  For example: 

  • “do you think Replacement Windows represent a good financial investment?”
  • “do Heat Pumps really work?”
  • “what’s the best type of insulation?”
  • “how about dehumidifiers?”
  • “….in yesterday’s blog you said……., could you explain about ….?”
  • “you get the idea!” 
  • What is on your mind?

This should be a lot of fun and hopefully informative.  So….., stay tuned, do not touch that dial!

We are looking forward to tomorrow.  Call us at (802) 985-5855 or email at build@vtmodular.com

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