Pepperoni or Mushroom?

Happy Friday everyone!  Now it is time for all of us to sit back, relax, and enjoy our families!  Oh yeah, it might also be a great time to enjoy pizza and even an appropriate beverage whether it be soda or something more adult.

As you sit around the table talking, perhaps about your new home, please remember that here at Vermont Modular Homes we emphasize two salient features:

  1. First – every home is 100% Custom Built reflecting the owners’ individual wants and needs.  We are always confused as to why someone would build a “Cookie-Cutter” home where you settle for something you don’t really like, we think that is confusing!  We suggest you include in your new home:
    1. Kitchen – the kitchen is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in the house and it is where the family gathers, you can have exactly what you want!
    2. Bathrooms – lets face it one of the most significant parts of making a house so very personal and significant is the bath! 
    3. Floor coverings – what is on the floor will greatly add to your home’s comfort and beauty.
    4. Lighting – the mood of every home is often created with the lighting.  Think and chose carefully.
  2. Second – Energy Efficiency is a hall mark of Vermont Modular.  We are environmentalists and want your home to be an Environmentally Valuable member of the community, we will build your new home so that it uses the least possible Energy.

So, remember us as you talk about your new home this weekend.

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