Pop Corn anyone?

From all of us here at Vermont Modular, we wish everyone a Happy Weekend and wonderful moments with your family and loved ones!

An evening by the fire with The Kids is the continuing accumulation of life-long memories that only family can build.  Mom and Dad can have an “Adult Drink” and how about Pop Corn for The Kids.

We are proud of our part in creating the homes you live in, it is a source of pride knowing we can and do build homes that are:

  • 100% Custom Built – we do not build “Cookie-Cutter” homes nor do we understand why someone would buy one!
  • Very Energy Efficient – we strongly believe it is a major responsibility of ours to build homes that are Environmentally Sound, in other works, our homes do not waste Energy, our homes are very Energy Efficient.

How can we help you build your Vermont Dream weather it is up in Bolton or Waterville, we can help!

Call us to start the conversation!   (802) 985-5855

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