Put your feet up and relax on the porch

On this beautiful summer afternoon take a long look at The Heritage House a classic New England Farm-House.  Welcome Heritage House to the Gallery of Fine Homes in Vermont Modular’s American Dream series of homes.

Please remember that every home is 100% Custom Built.  With that in mind you can easily figure out how many bedrooms this home as.  Is it three or four?  We don’t know that question is up to you as you design your Custom Built Modular.  The same applies to all of the questions you have. 

It all depends on what you would like!  What we do know is that is home, The Heritage House is a classic Farm-House style that is all at home right here in Vermont.

Perhaps if The Heritage House were built over in New York State it might look equally handsome on its own property in The Adirondacks

I can just picture siting on that awesome front porch and enjoying the view of our own Green Mountains or maybe looking out across a valley with all of Vermont’s grandeur.

By the way, the front porch stretches around the gable end of this home to a pool that is out back.  Talk about an awesome home.

Call us to start the conversation.  The Heritage House could be your new home.

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