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Every Cape Cod style home from Vermont Modular starts in The Plant where it is carefully built by skilled craftsmen using only the highest quality building materials. 

Did you know that lumber is inspected for moisture content before it is accepted at the plant?  If a shipment of lumber, or for that matter any material, is found to be inferior it is refused and sent back to be replaced with the highest quality material.  A quality-built home must start with quality material.  By the way, how can your lumber be within moisture specifications if it sits outside in the rain?  Or in the snow?  How would that be possible?

Look at today’s photograph and you will see one of the modules that will comprise half of the second floor.  See the “Dog-House Dormer” in the roof that is so popular with today’s Cape Style Homes.

The roof that you are looking at was highly engineered as an 85# Snow Load roof.  That means that each square foot of roof surface is strong enough to support 85 pounds of snow or well in excess of Ten Tons of weight.  Talk about strong!  Is the roof of your house thoroughly engineered?

Different species of lumber along with various sizes all have different Tensile Strengths.  There is far more to building a roof system than nailing lumber together.  What species of lumber?  What size lumber?  How many pieces of lumber and how far apart are they?  What is the moisture content of the lumber?  See, there is a lot to it that local Stick Builders simply do not know.

Wouldn’t you rather have a modular home?

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