The Quintessential Vermont home

For the next many weeks we will be introducing a New House each week for you to consider as you are busy planning your new home.  Hey, let’s face it, designing the new digs is a terrific use of all this time we have at home.

Take a look at today’s photograph, this beautiful Cape Cod style home we have affectionally named The Addison Cape.

We have been delivering homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York and without a doubt our number one most popular style of home has consistently been The Cape Cod and for a lot of reasons:

  • A Cape is the best Value!
  • The Cape is excellent for “First Home Buyers
  • The Cape has by far the greatest Expansion Capability
  • The Cape allows homeowners to invest Sweat Equity that will save lots on cost.
  • The Cape has immeasurable Design Possibilities
  • The Cape allows you to 100% Customize your new home

Stay with us we will be talking about Capes for several days.

Do you like the look of the Cape in today’s photograph?

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