So? What is available?

As winter descends upon us we thought it might be a nice idea to fill you in on what types of things are available as options within your new home.  Let’s face it many of the Vermont Modular Homes online friends will actively spend the next couple months creating and planning the various details of the new home.  So, while you plan here are some of what is available to you:

Windows – everyone one loves “natural light” and lots of it.  Some how a dreary November day can seem pleasant and alive with all kinds of natural light streaming in through lots of windows.

A Window’s efficiency is measured in “U-Values” which simply put is the amount of Heat that is Lost through the glass.  Since we want to lose as little heat as possible the measurement for an efficient window is a LOW SCORE.  A poorly performing window will have a high score.

Every window in a home from Vermont Modular is a Triple Pane window with twice the insulating value of your standard high-quality window found is all the other homes.  The Vermont Energy Code requires an U-Value of at least U-0.30.  Every home from Vermont Modular has a U-Value of at least U-0.21.  Remember LOW SCORE wins.

Would you like quality as Standard in your new home?

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