Superior Built, read how

So, the story of the very popular Two-Story Colonial continues on the day of the setting of the modules on their permanent foundation.

Look carefully at the photograph and you will see that three of the four modules are already in place with the fourth being slowly positioned for its permanent resting place.  This photograph was taken about 2:00 in the afternoon and by five o’clock everything associated with setting the house in place will be finished.  Things move along quickly!

Did you notice that the second-floor modules are a dark gray whereas the first floor is white?  Let me explain:

  • The first floor has most of the vinyl siding already installed.  Yes, the homeowners chose white.
  • The second floor is dark gray, the color of a whole-house layer of Foam as an integral part of the home’s highly insulated Energy Efficiency Package.  The building is wrapped with 1½” of Rigid foam acting as a Thermal-Break for the entire building. 

The outside layer of foam is called “Continuous Insulation” and is installed only on homes of superior quality as part of great attention being paid to building a Super Insulated Home.

Wouldn’t you rather live in a Better-Built Home?  Of course, you would!

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