There are so many different styles

We have talked about various colors for the Vinyl Siding and Asphalt Shingles on the roof.

A very significant item to always consider are off of the various TRIM pieces all over the house.

  • Roof – there are two major pieces of trim on a roof, the vertical piece at the end of the roof rafters is The Fascia and directly under the Fascia is the Soffit that is a horizontal piece.
  • Windows – windows are often “dressed up” with Casing, a trim piece that surrounds the window and hides that gap between the window and walls.  The casing around the exterior of the windows will enrich the overall look of the outside of your home by providing a finished look.
  • Doors – the doors, both interior and exterior are again dressed up with Casing.  The interior casing is often more decorative that what is used outside although not always.  There are many many styles of trim to be used on the exterior of a home.
  • Above windows and doors -  The Top Piece of trim on windows and doors can be a different style than what is on the sides.  Also across the bottom is a piece of Trim called a Stool. 
  • Crown Molding is a decorative trim that is used where the wall meets the ceiling, it is clearly a decorative piece.

All of the various trim options quickly set a home apart as it has a finished look of a nicely dressed up home.

YES, all of these various trims are available in your new home from Vermont Modular Homes.  Call us to discuss.  (802) 985-5855

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