Time to play in the dirt.

We have several Projects that are currently under way for deliveries all in 2020.  So for the next several months we will be following the progress on these jobs as dreams become reality.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see DAY ONE of a brand-new Cape Cod style home in Lamoille County right here in northern Vermont.  This excavator is removing numerous White Pines to create an open house site. 

Actually, we have two house sites both starting today, and the completely weird thing is that both of the job sites are in the same town.  We have one job in the south end of town and the other is in the middle of the town.  So, be prepared to see a lot of construction going on with brand new homes coming from Vermont Modular Homes here in South Burlington.  Have you thought about calling us at (802) 985-5855?

We think it will be interesting to for you to follow the construction of a home from start (that’s today’s picture) all the way to a finished home.  We will be sure to have pictures of the homes being built inside the factory.  Personally, I think that is so very cool.

Let us know what specific parts you would like to more of.  We will gladly pick up on those parts you are most interested in.

In the meantime……, call us at (802) 985-5855 and start the conversation about your new home.

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