Vinyl Siding

Last week we talked about the front door and how it welcomes guests to your home.  From the road there are several things that catch people’s eye and probably the most significant is the color of your home which is almost always shown in the siding.  The most widely used color for single family homes is white; is that the color of your home?

Or, have you chosen one of many other colors?  Most homeowners today use Vinyl Siding as their siding of choice.  What do you think of vinyl?

  • Vinyl is the most popular because of it cost, durability, ease of installation, and huge variety of colors and styles!
  • Our standard vinyl siding comes in at least sixteen different colors from yellow to white to clay and gray along with many more, too many for this article.
  • There are so many different styles.  Did you know vinyl siding comes as Shingles, shakes, board & batten, faux stone, Triple 3, half round scallop, there’s even a style called “Fish Scale.”

There’s an old saying that goes, “….wood is good but vinyl is final.” 

Not everyone loves vinyl, but it is the most popular siding out there and comes a very wide array of colors.

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