Was it raining?

Egad, everyone seemed to like the Two-Story Colonial from yesterday’s Blog Post.  Ok, for sure it is a uniquely attractive home situated on a lovely lot with a great view.  Yes! The homeowners are very pleased.

We thought you might enjoy the “story” behind yesterday’s home.  Obviously, it all starts with the modules being built in the plant.  This is the part where the craftsmen build the home.  Every tiny aspect of the home is carefully engineered, calculated, computed, and properly built in the precise sequence that capitalizes on the productivity of the staff at the plant while guaranteeing a superior building.

In today’s photograph one of the modules has been elevated so that workers can easily get to the individual part that is within their scope of work.  Carpenters don’t do plumbing and plumbers don’t pull electrical wire. 

And…………., if it is raining outside work continues unabated.  Well duh! it isn’t raining inside!  But you knew that.

Your new Modular Home starts as a large pile of detailed drawings and what seems like mountains of building materials.  The craftsmen follow the drawings using the exact materials that have been prescribed for your home and in an amazingly short time your new home is ready for shipment from the plant to your property.

Let’s continue this saga tomorrow but, in the meantime call us to start the conversation about your new home.  (802) 985-5855

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