We are now ready for the house

And we continue our series on building foundations.

In today’s photograph you are looking at a foundation that is finished; it is now ready for the modular home to be “…gently set in place on its permanent foundation.”  The picture of today’s foundation was taken exactly one day prior to the house being set.  The delivery of the home had just happened prior to the picture being taken.

Do you notice the “black membrane” on portions of the foundation on the right-hand side?  That is the part of the foundation for the house, the part without the back coating is going to be the garage that does not get waterproofed as it is always above ground.

A common question about foundations is “….how long does all that take?”  A typical job would go like this:

  • Excavation –
    • Building the driveway, several days to a week depending on the difficulty and length
    • Excavating the cellar hole – usually a couple days
  • Concrete work –
    • Building the footings is usually a two-day job although it can go longer depending on how complicated
    • Setting the wooden forms to hold the concrete is usually a one- or two-day job
    • Pouring the concrete can be done in one day
    • Removing the wooden forms is another day
    • Curing of the cement should be at least a full week in the summer but longer in the winter
  • Water proofing is usually done in one day
  • Back filling around the foundation is a day or two

Then the house arrives.

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