What do you think it wrights?

After the delivery has successfully been accomplished the big day finally arrives when the modules (affectionally known as Boxes) are about to be assembled on their permanent foundation.

In today’s photograph it is early on a cold December morning.  The Heavy Crane has arrived along with the Set Crew.  Both the crane and set crew will work together as they piece everything together.

At the end of one day this nice size ranch house in Addison County has been put together.

I always am curious as to what the neighbors must think.  They left in the morning for their day at work and when they arrive home in the afternoon a brand-new home has been added to their neighborhood.  Oh, sure they knew along what was going to happen but the realization that this Ranch House is there and they can now clearly see what “the new house” looks like.

Working side by side with the set crew is the Heavy Crane.  Each of these modules weighed in at about 31,000 pounds.  There is a “rule of thumb” telling us each square foot of living space should weigh about 40 pounds.  It is always interesting to see how much the house actually weighs.

We are going to be watching this home as it moves along.  Stay with us, it should be interesting.

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